United Asian American Organizations

The United Asian American Organizations (UAAO) was established in 1988 to work in unity with the Asian/Pacific Islander American (A/PIA) community on campus. They provide education on issues facing A/PIA, to promote awareness of Asian Pacific Islander American cultures, and to establish a communication core for the Asian Pacific American organizations and individuals at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. It also serves as a political voice for A/PIA organizations on campus, develop relationships with other minority groups on campus and A/PIA organizations outside of UM. They routinely co-host a wide variety of events with organizations on campus, such as open-mic events with A/PIA departments, A/PIA & LGBTQ events with the Spectrum Center and panels on mental health in the community among others.

The UAAO additionally oversees high school conferences, Generation Asian Pacific American (Gen APA) events, and Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage month. Gen APA is dedicated to hosting the largest Asian American culture show in the University of Michigan and strives for community awareness, community service, and promoting Asian American culture. The UAAO works to help promote and organize these events. For heritage month, the organizations co-hosts multiple events concerning multiple issues impacting the Asian American community. These include dialogues on affirmative action, solidarity events with other minority groups on campus, histories of activism and cultural events. They also run programming and community building events, notably a collaboration event with A/PIA studies in the winter called HolidAPA. This event aims to facilitate connections within the A/PIA groups at the University by spreading information about student organizations on campus. More information about the organization can be found here.



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